How to get more followers on Instagram

By | September 29, 2014

Want to get more followers on Instagram?

Here are our top 10 tips to help you gain more Instagram followers

Instagram has become the fastest growing social media site in the world, according to GlobalWebIndex. Most brands, celebrities and even your friends are using Instagram to share square photographs with many fancy filters with their followers. But how do you increase your Instagram followers? Here are our top 10 tips:

How to get more followers on Instagram – Follow others:

If you’ve just started out on Instagram you will understand how hard it is to gain the initial followers you deserve. The most obvious thing to do to gain more followers on Instagram is to follow all your friends to let them know you’ve arrived on the fastest growing social media site.

To follow all your friends quick and easily on Instagram, go to the app and go to your profile, then go to the options button in the right hand corner. From the options menu you will be able to find friends to follow, and connect with Facebook to see which of your Facebook friends are using Instagram.

You can then choose to follow certain friends or the easy option of clicking the follow all button. You’ll find that following others will quickly grow your followers.

How to get more followers on Instagram – Add a bio:

You should make your you have a bio on your Instagram profile. This can include a description of yourself, interests, and many even relevant hashtags to attract new followers to your profile.

You can add or edit your Instagram bio by going to your profile page and then clicking ‘Edit profile’. This will then allow you to edit your bio and also others parts of your profile.

How to get more followers on Instagram – Connect your accounts

You can connect your other social media profiles to Instagram, this way you will be able to find friends who are on Instagram and others will be able to find you. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and other account by going to the Options menu from your profile.

How to get more followers on Instagram – Post posts

We’d like to think this is an obvious tip, especially since Instagram is made for posting photos. Post some interesting photos and include hashtags which are relevant to the photo you are posting. People want to see interesting photos, they won’t want to see 100 selfies a day of you.

Post photos of cool things that you’ve seen, what you’ve been up to while you’re out and about and exciting places you’ve visited. Thing about how you take the photograph – can you make it more visually appealing by trying a different angle? And don’t forget about those all-important Instagram filters.

How to get more followers on Instagram: Stick to a theme

If you’re really serious about getting lots of followers on Instagram then it’s well worth thinking about what you’re going to share. People that stick to a rough theme tend to acquire the most followers.

You might be particularly interested in cars, for example. Other car enthusiasts are likely to follow you if you don’t stray too far away from that cars theme with your photographs.

Alternatively, perhaps you travel a lot. Followers will enjoy being treated to a snap of the place you’ve been most recently.

How to get more followers on Instagram: Time your posts wisely

One way to ensure that more people are seeing your Instagram posts is to think about timing. People are more likely to see your photos in the morning (when people are on the commute or travelling to school/college/university), at lunch time, and then in the evening.

How to get more followers on Instagram: Don’t post too many photos at once!

Make sure you space out your posts. If you’re clogging up someone’s feed, they’re likely to get a bit angry and they might unfollow you.

How to get more followers on Instagram: Hashtags (and make sure they’re relevant!)

Unlike on Twitter, where they seem to be losing popularity, hashtags are still thriving on Instagram. You should always add a caption to your Instagram photo, and add a few relevant hashtags too.

You can check websites such as to find out which tags are most popular.

Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags, but we wouldn’t recommend using that many.

How to get more followers on Instagram: Add Geotags

If you allow Instagram to see your location, you’ll be able to geotag your posts. You can turn on ‘Add to Photo Map,’ and also add your location by tapping ‘Name This Location,’ both of which will help others discover your posts.

How to get more followers on Instagram: Interact with others

Finally, once you’ve begun using Instagram, you’ll want to interacting with others to become a part of the community. Like other people’s posts and comment on them, and also reply to comments that others leave for you. This will encourage others to click that all-important follow button.


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We hope you liked out top 10 tips and good luck gaining Instagram followers!
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