Social Media Statistics of 2016

By | January 16, 2017

A round up of the top Social Media statistics of 2016

Another year has past and it has indeed been an eventful one, especially for social media.


Facebook now has reactions


Celebs fight on for the title of most followed Instagram person and most social media sites have learnt to deal with bullies and internet trolls better.

Let’s look back at the top 8 social media sites and their statistics in 2016…

1: Facebook

Monthly Visitors: 1,100,000,000
Facebook page with the most likes: Facebook For Every Phone
Likes currently on said page: 499,578,460
This is, currently, the most popular social media site there is. It still leads the way for all the other sites to follow and, so far, has not been beaten.

2: YouTube

Monthly Visitors: 1,000,000,000
Channel with the most subscribers: PewDiePie
Subscribers currently on said channel: 51,760,038
The second most popular social site, and the most popular video site. It’s popularity has not yet wavered and it shows no sign of doing so.

3: Twitter

Monthly Visitors: 310,000,000
Account with the most followers: @katyperry
Followers currently on said account: 95,008,318
Third in popularity. Well known for it’s hashtags and trends, and will hopefully carry on being so.

4: LinkedIn

Monthly Visitors: 255,000,000
Account most connected: Steven Burda, MBA
Connections currently with said account: 161,052
This has been, and most probably will be for quite some time, the best social media for business.

5: Pinterest

Monthly Visitors: 250,000,000
Account most followed: Joy Cho / Oh Joy!
Followers currently on said account: 12,728,482
One of the most, if not the most, inspiring sites there are. May the new year fill it with new, creative pictures.

6: Google+

Monthly Visitors: 120,000,000
Account most followed: Mark Zuckerberg
Followers currently on said account: 684,691
Google is the best search engine, so it is only right for it to have it’s own social network and be so popular.

7: Tumblr

Monthly Visitors: 110,000,000
Estimated number of blogs: 319.8M+
Estimated number of blog posts: 141.2M+
It is still going strong with it’s blogs full of comedy, facts and more.

8: Instagram

Monthly Visitors: 100,000,000
Account most followed: Instagram
Followers currently on said account: 204,836,852
This is still the leading social site for people to share pictures of themselves, creations, food and various other things, showing off their photographic creativity.
Check back again in 2018 for a round up of the Social Media statistics from 2017!
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