Instagram Video Ads Now Live

By | November 5, 2014

Instagram Video Adverts are now live!

Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest, most used social media networks. With millions of daily active users and photos being shared, it was only a matter of time before Facebook started making money from Instagram. Which was bought for $1 Billion: $300 in cash, the rest being in Facebook stock.

Instagram won’t accept just any ads, they don’t want to spoil the unique feel of a users Instagram feed. So they spent a total of 6 months developing the video advert experience and working with advertisers such as Activision, Disney, Lancome and Banana Republic.

Disney is on of the first advertisers testing out this new advertising feature for its upcoming movie “Big Hero 6” due to be released this month. The video ads show the movies characters posing as if they’re taking selfies, which is relevant to users Instagram feeds.


Instagrams adverts are not advanced as other sites such as YouTube, but they will allow an advertiser to target their audience by gender, age and location.

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