Monthly Archives: December 2014

Instagram Update


 Instagram update to clear inactive, spam and profiles that do not meet their guidelines As you may or may not be aware, over the past 24 hours Instagram have introduced a massive update to clear Instagram profiles that are no longer active, spam profiles and those that do not meet the Instagram Guidelines. We are… Read More »

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Instagram releases new filters


 Instagram has releases 5 new filters for the first time in 2 years, and now comments show in real time Instagram led the way when they introduced filters for photos and added 2 new filters in December 2012. Since then no new filters have been added… Until now! There are 5 new filters, which are;… Read More »

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Instagram is now bigger than Twitter


 Instagram has announced it has overtaken Twitter with over 300 million monthly users! Over the past 4 years Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest social media sites. Now with over 300 million monthly active users, sharing more than 70 million photos and videos daily. Twitter claims to have 284 million users accessing… Read More »

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