Social Media as a Platform for Change

By | August 1, 2015

Social Media as a Platform for Change

Have you ever dreamt of a world much different to ours? A world neutralised of class, decentralised of money and emphasised in toleration?!


If not, please stop reading this article now (but still use Instagain!)

See, many people strive and have strived for worldly change, yearned for it, dedicated their lives to the attainment of it. Others may never think of a society to different to theirs ever existing as they’d never seen anything different.

Both of these kinds of people use social media, however.

There are around 7 billion people in the world. 1.5 billion of these people are active Facebook users. That’s almost a quarter of the population and includes people from all four corners of the globe.

If any of those 1.5 billion people wanted change, they could help edge closer to attaining it. By projecting their ideas to various celebrities via Twitter, and hanging on hope that they’d retweet. They could change someone’s outlook on the world.

Now that same person, armed with his recently gained desire for change, could convey his views to another. The water for the fire of complacency would be the voluntary desire for change.

The very problem is in my above sentence. Would be. Not should be, could be or has to be. Would be.

See, we have all the required tools to change the world. We have the creativity, the energy (sometimes!) and definitely the numbers.

Is it the shortcomings of those who strived to change the world, and failed, that leads to us putting our ideas on the backburner? This is by no means a knock to revolutionaries like Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.; their coming up short on implementing their ideas was a result of society. The movements both had composed were overthrew by the very people they sought to save – society and society itself.

The followings both had attained were to no doing of telecommunications, internet, or social media: only through the strength of word of mouth. If only word of mouth could spawn for Marcus Garvey (google ‘im!) a following of 6 million, and put Gandhi’s and MLK’s campaigns on the map, think of the untapped power of social media.

You can change the world. Yes, you. You want to use social media to put your ideas on the map? Maybe you could use Instagain for followers to gain credibility.

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