How to promote Instagram by yourself and get 1 million followers?

Blogger, journalist, fitness consultant and traveler, author of the Instagram blog Smart Blogger Sasha Mitroshina. Sasha writes about her life, workouts, feminism, and does reviews of gadgets and cars. She has never fiddled with subscribers and has developed her blog to 1,500,000 subscribers in seven years from scratch (as of April 2023).

How Mitroshina’s Instagram channel evolved
Sasha launched her Instargam channel in 2012. She blogged about different topics, tried different columns: reviews of gadgets and cars, about studies, fitness and travel. And she tested which of these went in more.

Initially, she considered the main criterion as reaction in the form of likes. In Sasha’s opinion, this approach was a mistake. Sasha’s acquaintances were not interested in potentially interesting posts about gadgets or cars, and they only liked her selfies. From this you could mistakenly conclude that selfies were much more interesting (although they really weren’t).

Then Sasha started posting pictures from the gym, because she started exercising and this was a great response. Then Mitroshina started posting more posts about fitness, sharing tips with beginners. She also started writing more details about her life as a student, a journalist, a radio host.

Her audience began to grow as people began to understand what kind of person Sasha was, what she did, what she could be useful or interesting to them. Mitroshina was constantly looking for new topics, for example, she was one of the first on Instagram to write about feminism.

Further work on the blog was cyclical. Sasha got acquainted with bloggers, did mutual PR, started releasing storizas, buying ads, and conducting SFS

The importance of your own Instagram blog style
Quite by accident, after moving into a new apartment, Sasha found her style of design in the form of a light background. And after she designed the header and description of the blog, it acquired a certain concept and became recognizable.

Although her friends argued that there was no need for long texts on Instagram, Sasha started writing more to each photo and it became one of the main features of the blog.

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