Is Social Media the most powerful thing?

By | August 14, 2015

Is Social Media the most powerful thing?

While staring into space the other night, I had… a thought. Bigger than any other, more revolutionary than ones I regularly conceive on the toilet…

Has Social Media become the most powerful thing in our world?


I say ‘our’ world with very choice words. THE world could never be about a ‘thing’ that wasn’t around at its inception – at least in my opinion. The world as it is would have had to have been made with the matter at its epicentre being eternal in its power.

Yeah, I digress…

So in our world, what would you depict as the most powerful in the world? America? The Internet? Shady shadow elites and bankers that seek to control our minds and steal our souls? Maybe.

But if something on our Earth was to be the most powerful, I would say it’d have to be something that affects the majority of the people on Earth and whose power was felt by those affected regularly.

Does social media not do this? Usage from all four corners of the globe, including the shackles of the poverty-stricken.

Is this not representative of power? America takes over the Middle East, we call them powerful. Social media takes over the world and we call it… social media.

See, the power that the entity known as social media has is unknown, its potential never fully tapped. It is when that potential is tapped and perhaps the most powerful avenue to instigate worldly change is explored that we may see… change.

This is just food for thought. Want to make your own food? Instagain could be a good recipe! Use Instagain today to grow your Social Media presence!

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