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By | May 22, 2014

Looking to Buy Instagram Followers Cheap?

Here at InstaGain, we are offering you the chance to buy Instagram followers that are high quality and real-looking with fast delivery or its 100% money back guarantee!

You don’t have to share your password when you buy Instagram followers from InstaGain and you get a 3 month follower retention guarantee, so if you lose any of the followers within 3 months, we’ll add more!

No more waiting around for people to follow you – just a quick, simple and cheap process to gain followers fast, whether you’re buying to enlarge your audience for your business or just in need of a bit of a boost to your profile.

Social media is an ever-growing part of the world we live in, whether we use our online accounts to keep in touch with friends and family or we use them to promote our businesses and organisations.

The number of followers and likes your receive on your social networks has a huge impact on how your audience perceives you. So, increase your audience by increasing your followers…

InstaGain offers a number of Instagram Follower Packages:

  • £2.99 – 100 Followers 
  • £4.99 – 1,000 Followers
  • £9.99 – 2,000 Followers
  • £24.99 – 5,000 Followers

You can also take your pick from a selection of Instagram Like Packages:

  • £4.99 – 1,000 Likes
  • £9.99 – 2,000 Likes
  • £19.99 – 5,000 Likes
  • £39.99 – 10,000 Likes
  • £79.99 – 20,000 Likes

When you buy Instagram followers and likes from InstaGain, the users are high quality, real looking accounts. Other Instagram users will not be able to see that you have purchased your followers and/or likes.

So, gain quick Instagram followers now by visiting

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For more information, send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks,

The InstaGain Team

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