Benefits of Social Media

By | June 13, 2015

Benefits of Social Media

Ah, social media. The proverbial backbone of the internet; instrumental to the success of it.

With over two billion active social media users, and outlets like Instagram and Facebook increasing in popularity all the time, what is it about social media that is so attractive to us?

Let’s look at some benefits of the worldwide machine that is social media.


It’s everywhere. Literally.

One benefit of social media is that it is incredibly well-known worldwide – to the point where even third world countries have caught whiff of it. Many of Twitter’s users come from deprived parts of Africa and even more from undeveloped Asia.

This allows people who may never have had the opportunity to communicate with one another to interact with and to learn the ways of another. This contributes to the allure of social media as somewhat of an escape from life at home; if you’ve got no friends at school or even in the workplace, least you’ve got your friends on social media!

The ease of access that social media carries with it undeniably adds to its success. Whether in the West or the East, a smartphone no bigger than you’re palm allows you to communicate with others you previously didn’t know in real time.


It encourages learning and discovery.

Social media can be a remarkable tool to gain knowledge and facts.

Before the bloom of social media, you probably recall yourself saying along the lines of: ‘Why do I need school when Google can teach me everything I need to know?’

Yes, we all said it. And I don’t know if this is just me, but wasn’t this always in Maths lessons?

Anyhoo, social media has only amplified this viewpoint as on services like Twitter, there are many users or maybe organisations that have set up Twitter accounts that regularly post facts or forms of knowledge to their followers.

And the advancement in the Internet and social media means there is literally an account for every subject; anything you may want to or feel like you have to learn can be learnt on social media.

The fact that this can be done at leisure and the way the user’d like to is a major factor in Twitter’s success in terms of learning and discovery.

I know from experience that social media can and has helped many people who may have ‘gone off the rails’ so to speak in their school days to rekindle or create an urge for wanting to learn and discover.

The positive impact that social media has had on society is undeniable.

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