A world without Social Media

By | March 11, 2015

Flashback: What was life like 20 years ago?

A world without Social Media.. could you live without it?


1995. A time where petrol was exponentially cheaper and wearing caps backwards was the norm.  A simpler time, some would argue. A simpler world.

Social media has become a somewhat intrinsic part of our lives. Something that we have all grown accustomed to, and pretty much all use.

But have we ever wondered what our lives would be like without it?


Think of a morning in 1995. You wake up, shaking off the remnants of sleep from your eyes and climbing out of bed. The sound of birds chirping, exclusively audible in the solitude of dusk. Your curtains, great concealers of the sky’s short display of its beauty. You open your cu-r….

See, this is the cliché viewpoint on life without social media. Many people picture life without social media as being uncomplicated and simple. Some may actually feel that this is the case.

However, the fact is that social media does have its benefits. It is very efficient for its users – any question of ours could most likely be answered – and in seconds!  It also gives people the opportunity to know of and be exposed to people and ideas that they may have never come across if it wasn’t for social media.

For instance, there may be someone in the world going through a rough time in their life. They may feel like they have nowhere to go, and no one to turn to.

Social media sites like YouTube give those people an avenue to turn to. Somewhere easily accessible, where they can find the inspiration they need. YouTube users upload 71 hours of new videos every minute!

Turn the clock back to 1995, where the YouTube avenue is non-existent. Where will that person find recourse?

However, none can deny that social media is very time-consuming. I mean, a lot of the time, we use social media without considering what we’re doing – a strange pastime of sorts.

For many people social media is the first thing they see when they wake up, and the last thing they see before they sleep. Literally.

Obsessive, much? I think so.  Yet, the positive difference social media makes to our lives is undeniable.


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