Instagram Algorithm Changes: How to Adapt and Boost Engagement


Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, has recently undergone significant algorithm changes. To thrive in this new landscape, it’s crucial to adjust your content strategy, post length, features, and the type of content you create. In this SEO article, we will explore the key adjustments you need to make to align with the latest Instagram algorithm and a verified tool that can lead to a remarkable fivefold increase in engagement. Whether you’re aiming for more followers or higher views, mastering the current Instagram algorithm is essential for achieving your goals effectively.

Chapter 1: Adapting Content Length

With the latest algorithm update, Instagram prefers two types of content lengths to maximize engagement. Short posts, ranging from 5 to 11 seconds, or longer posts, lasting 40 to 60 seconds, are gaining the most traction. Mid-range posts, however, might not receive as much visibility. An essential step is to match the length of your description with the content, ensuring a cohesive experience for your audience.

Moreover, to capture users’ attention quickly, place your call-to-action (CTA) within the first line of the description. This strategic placement improves the likelihood of viewers taking action, as many users tend not to read the entire description. Encourage either comments or follows, as these two actions currently provide the greatest boost in the Instagram algorithm.

Chapter 2: Utilizing ManyChat for Increased Engagement

ManyChat stands as a powerful tool approved by meta (Instagram’s parent company), allowing you to interact with your audience in an automated and engaging way. Using ManyChat can lead to a fivefold increase in engagement, making it an essential addition to your Instagram strategy.

Its core feature enables users to comment specific words on your videos, triggering an automated direct message (DM) in response. This eliminates the need to direct users to external links and preserves engagement within the platform. ManyChat also offers various prompts to start conversations with your audience, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

Chapter 3: Capitalizing on Instagram’s «For You» Page

Instagram has introduced a «For You» page, altering the way trends appear under hashtags. Instead of searching for trends under popular hashtags, utilize the search bar to find trending content. Analyze the content format (e.g., reels, carousels, or photos) to identify what works best for your niche.

This feature aids in understanding your audience’s preferences and interests, helping you create content that resonates and gains traction. Leveraging trending topics and replicating successful formats can increase your post’s visibility and reach.

Chapter 4: Analyzing Post Analytics

To optimize engagement, monitor two critical analytics: non-follower reach and zoom-in watch time. Reaching new audiences is vital for growth, so pay attention to how many non-followers see your posts. Additionally, Instagram prioritizes content that retains viewers, so aim for posts that encourage longer watch times.

Tailor your content strategy based on what performs well in terms of non-follower reach and watch time. Achieving success in these areas will lead to more exposure on the Reels, Search, or Explore feed, increasing your views and engagement.


The latest Instagram algorithm changes present an excellent opportunity for users to grow their accounts and boost engagement. By adapting your content length, utilizing ManyChat for automation, and analyzing post analytics, you can effectively navigate the evolving landscape and attain remarkable results. Act now and leverage these strategies to maximize your Instagram presence and engage with a wider audience. Seize the moment, as organic reach on Instagram may become more challenging in the future.

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